• Part-Time Teaching Positions

    at Bukit Timah & Katong


    The Math Classroom, Singapore's fastest-growing Competition Math and PSLE Math training centre, is looking for part time teachers to take classes in our Katong and Bukit Timah Branches.


    We have weekday and weekend slots. We especially need teachers to teach on:
    • Monday and Tuesday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday Mornings (Bukit Timah)
    • Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Saturday Mornings, Sunday Mornings and Afternoons (Katong)

    Our ideal teacher is:

    1. Talented in mathematics and is able to solve math questions.
    2. Skilful and resourceful in teaching. He/She consistently finds the best ways to explain mathematical concepts clearly and ensures that his/her students achieve 100% understanding in the lesson.
    3. An effective communicator and positive influence with primary school-age children, and can develop a strong rapport with them.

    It will be an added bonus if the teacher has:

    1. Previous math olympiad experience
    2. Previous teaching experience
    3. A math-related degree
    4. Experience teaching GEP students
    5. Is a current/former MOE Teacher


    If you are interested to teach during any of the listed time periods above, please email us with your CV at hmtong44@themathclassroom.com.sg, thanks!