• Testimonials

    Darius - Primary 4, Nanyang Primary School

    "My favourite subject is mathematics, consistently scoring As and A* in Math in school, and it have been a lot easier for me to do.
    Here in The Math Classroom, I learnt how to solve challenging Math questions and problem sums and I am allowed to ask questions freely whenever I don't know anything. It also has whiteboards all around the classroom for me to doodle and write workings and I love it!"


    Trudy Chen - Primary 6, Marymount Primary School

    "My Math results improved C to B. Teacher is very structured in her teaching and

    explains math concepts clearly. She is very patient and well-liked by all her students. She offers math advice to students even during out of normal class hours. I are extremely grateful for her help and I'm confident in obtaining As in this year's PSLE Math."


    Bethany Cheong - Primary 6, Methodist Girls School

    "I started attending The Math Classroom when I was in P5. Before that, I'd attended another tuition centre but my P4 SA2 math result was dismal that I was asked to attend math remedial class in P5.


    After two terms at The Math Classroom, I was taken out of remedial class as my P5 SA1 math result were much improved. Since, I have been consistently scoring High As for Math and in my recent P6 SA1. Math has now risen to become my strongest subject over the past 2 years.


    I am very grateful to teacher for her patient guidance, encouragement and willingness to go the extra mile to teach me. Teacher has been very encouraging and noticed the potential in me so she progressively exposed me to challenging problem sums in order to stretch my ability.


    The exposure to different types of math questions and frequent practices really helped me master the techniques of solving various math problems."

    Grace, Mother of Lok Hee - Primary 5, Bukit Timah Primary School

    “We joined The Math Classroom when my son was selected to participate in ACS Mathlympics last year. We only managed to join in the June school holidays program. With a short period of time, the teacher was helping him to focus on the Math Olympiad questions. We were so surprised when he got Silver in ACS Mathlympics and Distinction in AMC! So, we have continued the learning journey with The Math Classroom this year. The teacher is very patient and explained very clearly the concepts and guiding him towards the math competitions. Again, this year he is achieving Gold in both the ACS Mathlympics and SASMO! I really appreciate all the efforts of all the teachers!”

    Mother of Ziv - Primary 6, Yew Tee Primary School

    My objective of enrolling Ziv in The Math Classroom was to prepare him for NUSH paper, so that he will not lose confidence. I was very surprised when he came out and told me Math paper is so easy. My only expectation-I will be happy if he can attempt all questions. Thank you The Math Classroom for guiding him, in a mere 12 lessons, he gained so much confidence in the area of Math Olympiad."


    T.K - Primary 5

    "Before attending The Math Classroom, my top challenge was answering problem questions. I often did not know how to approach solving problem questions in the right way to get to the answer, especially for difficult problem questions.
    I liked the small group sizes and the one on one attention that the tutor can provide me.
    Also my tutor's way of guiding me towards getting the answer on my own by asking me leading questions along the way. I find it helpful in making me think and learn.
    My grades improved as I managed to answer problem questions with proper working shown.
    I got a silver for this year's Mathlympics, which would be useful for my DSA application.


    Mrs Kwong, Mother of Faith - Primary 2

    "Faith is in P2 and has been learning at The Math Classroom for 6 months. She always looking forward to her lessons. The teacher is patient and constantly updates us on her learning progress. She is approachable and clarifies all doubts Faith faces with her math practices. Since attending The Math Classroom, Faith has shown significant improvement in her problem solving skills!"


    Jace, Mother of Tomi - Primary 3 and Yuki - Primary 5

    "My two children attend The Math Classroom and their understanding of math concepts has improved tremendously. My son’s teacher is very patient and encouraging – and very adept at handling active students. My daughter’s teacher explains very clearly, and has been effective in helping her. Both my children always look forward to lessons in the Math Classroom. Thank you teachers!"


    Imelda, Mother of Bryce - Primary 2

    "Bryce has been learning with The Math Classroom for 10 months. I wanted him to receive Olympiad math training, to increase his exposure to non-routine questions. Currently, he is learning school math and competition math concurrently, which I feel is very balanced. Even thought he is in Primary 2, Bryce is already learning Primary 4 mathematics. Thanks to the Teacher, Bryce is more confident solving problems, and is no longer afraid to try difficult questions."


    Mrs Young, Mother of Johann - Primary 4

    "When Johann was selected to train for the National Math Olympiad Singapore (NMOS) competition, we were quite worried as he never learnt math outside of the school syllabus – because of this lack of exposure, the difficult Olympiad questions may be too daunting for him. The teacher, however, assured us that Johann would be fine, and hence he started attending lessons at The Math Classroom.


    Johann finds the class very interesting and not stressful at all. Over the past few months, his results in math competitions have been outstanding! The last 8 months have been an exciting journey for Johann. Thanks to The Math Classroom!"


    Evelyn, Mother of Ethan - Primary 5

    "The teacher is very systematic and structured in her teaching. She is very encouraging and inspiring. Ethan has enjoyed the lesson and able to understand and apply the concept easily. He has learned much despite the short period of time and is determined to achieve better results."

    Mrs Tay

    "The teacher has been coaching my 2 daughters for the last 4 years and they have showed great improvement. She is very patient and my girls always enjoy going to her class. Thank you for being so engaged in my girls’ learning journey and made their time well spent under your guidance. Best wishes as you continue to do what you do so well!"


    Kaining - Northbrooks Sec School

    “My teacher helped me a lot. She is patient in her explanations, and helps me understand better. She helps me learn by showing and explaining various examples for each type of problem. Overall, she's a good teacher in the way she coaches me. Thank you teacher!”


    Yume - CHIJ St. Theresa Convent

    “Thank you teacher for helping me! I used to fail math but with your help, I score mostly A1s now!”

    Ms Lazer Subha

    “We engaged the teacher for our daughter Judina Grace Lopez when she was in primary 5 in the year 2014. As Judina’s grades in Mathematics was slipping, we decided that she needed one-to-one help as her group tuition did not help at all. Judina is shy by nature and we found out that she was hesitant to ask the tutor for help on her doubts with the group of students in the same room. With our teacher, however, Judina was able to open up and ask her for help on any doubts and the teacher will always explain to her in a very patient manner. The teacher is always punctual and she is also very approachable and friendly at the same time, that my daughter has no hesitation to seek her help. She is also very professional with the way she handles her sessions.

    Judina jumped from a “fail” in Maths throughout the year, to a “Pass” after just a few months under out teacher’s guidance. She knows how to motivate a child and does not ever put the child down. She will always tell Judina that she knows she has tried very hard and to keep on trying hard to excel in her grades.

    We will readily recommend our teacher to anyone who needs help for his or

    her child’s Mathematics."