• School Mathematics

    PSLE and Secondary School Mathematics

    Follows MOE curriculum

    Teaching Approach

    Each lesson starts out with the teacher going through key concepts and examples, followed by students practicing problems under close guidance of the teacher. Our syllabus follows the MOE school curriculum – this ensures that we give students the opportunity to practice, and the confidence to do well in school tests and exams. We believe in maximizing each student’s potential, and providing advanced learning oppotunities whenever possible to keep them engaged and excited about mathematics. Students with potential can expect to be learning mathematics at 1 or 2 levels above their current grade in Primary School.

    Assignment Types

    We use 3 types of assignments to effectively instruct our students

    Heuristics & Problem-Solving

    Every week, students will be learning two different heuristic approaches. Within each heuristic, questions are arranged in increasing difficulty to enhance student’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    To assess students’ ability to understand and apply concepts, questions involving different heuristic approaches will be mixed within the Problem-Solving segment. Students are tasked to distinguish among the questions and employ the right heuristics to solve it.
    Challenging problem sums are included to deepen students’ learning through exploring appropriate methods and solutions. This allows students to easily reconcile and build new knowledge by making connections to their prior knowledge.

    Topical Review

    Questions in every new topic are arranged in three levels of difficulty to consolidate and extend students’ learning from school. The first level reinforces the basic concepts, the second level develops exam readiness, and the third level aims to stretch students' analytical skills for non-routine questions. This promotes progressive learning and enables students to achieve competency and confidence in the topic.


    Practice makes perfect. The Mastery worksheet will be assigned for students who require regular practices to hone their mathematical skills. With extensive practices, the goal is for students to improve and ultimately strengthen their ability to transfer practiced skills to more complex problem sums.

    Our Learning Focus

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    Primary 1 and 2

    It is very important to build a strong maths foundation in a child’s early years. This foundation will determine how fast and effectively a child can learn and pick up new mathematical skills and knowledge in the later years of their schooling journey. Our curriculum focuses concurrently on mastering the basics and generating interest in the subject.

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    Acquiring Skills

    Primary 3 and 4

    Our students start to learn and use model and other heuristics on problem questions of varying difficulty. These problem-solving techniques will give them the confidence to solve every question in section C of their math paper.


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    Critical Thinking and

    In-Depth Understanding

    Primary 5 and 6

    In this stage, we equip students with critical thinking skills, advanced problem solving techniques and in-depth understanding of math topics in order to score well in the toughest math exams. We will teach them alternate problem-solving techniques such as branching and Venn diagram methods. These methods will equip them with all the tools needed to solve the toughest questions in the most challenging topics, including ratio, percentage and fractions.

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    Algebraic Expertise


    Secondary 1 and 2

    Algebra is the centerpiece of the entire secondary math syllabus. Our curriculum ensures that our students will be equipped with competent mastery of algebra. Questions are arranged in increasing difficulty to emphasize on conceptual understanding, fundamental techniques and applications. We include challenging problems to expose students to higher order thinking that will give them a competitive edge in school.



    The syllabus may be adjusted according to students' ability

    PSLE Math Topics

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    Secondary Math Topics

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