• Why Us?

    We help your child get into their dream school by excelling in Mathematics

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    Best Competition Results

    3 National Championships and over 100 Platinum, Gold and High Distinctions in the SMOPS, NMOS, SASMO, RIPMWC and Mathlympics Olympiad Competitions!


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    Best DSA Results

    In the past 2 years, over 50% of our advance math students have received confirmed DSA offers to RI, NUS and High School alone, not to mention the other top IP schools in Singapore!

    Our track record is the best in the country.

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    Best Teachers

    Our teachers have either

    1. Taught at top 8 schools in Singapore
    2. A long track record of producing high-ranking competition winners
    3. Medaled at national and international competitions

    4. Studied mathematics to a high level in university

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    Best Curriculum

    Our competition curriculum are produced in house and have been tried and tested at competitions. We refine them yearly to include the latest developments in math testing and competitions.


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    Our Small Class Size

    Ensure that students get the absolute most attention and aid in focused and enhanced learning, thus encouraging more sharing and participation with best results

  • Strengths

    Here's why you should join us!

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    Top Teachers


    Our teachers are the best in the country and have either

    1 - Taught at the top 8 schools in Singapore

    2 - A long track record of producing high-ranking competition winners or

    3 - Medaled at national and international competitions

    Students taught by them develop a strong foundation, a deep understanding and flexible thinking skills to solve the toughest questions. These foundational and developmental skills help students learn Math quickly and efficiently all the way through secondary school, junior college and university.

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    Best DSA Track Record in the Country

     Our students do very well for Math DSA tests into the top IP schools. In the last 2 years, over 50% of applicants received confirmed offers to Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution or NUS High School; not including those who were admitted to the other top IP schools in the country.

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    Strong Track Record in Competitions

     We have 2 national champions, 3 national championships and over 100 gold medal, high distinction and top 200 finishes in the local and regional math competitions such as the Singapore Math Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS), Mathlympics by ACSI, National Math Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS), Raffles Institution Primary Math World Competition (RIPMWC) and the University of New South Wales Math Competition. Our track record shows our ability to develop your child’s mathematical abilities to its fullest potential.

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    Tried-and-tested In-house Curriculum

     Our curriculum is devised by our experienced teachers and has proven to be effective for Math Olympiad and DSA Math tests. We refine our curriculum yearly to incorporate new developments in exams, tests and competitions. This helps us maintain our high level of performance year after year.

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