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    What age should my child start maths lessons with you?

    Primary 1 and above​

    We encourage school math students to join us from Primary 3, and competition math students to join us from Primary 1.


    We believe that a strong foundation is the most important prerequisite for a student to do well in math throughout his academic journey.


    We are experts in nurturing lower primary students into top math talents. We focus on developing a strong foundation, a deep understanding and flexible thinking skills from a young age. With these skills, students will be able to learn mathematics easily and efficiently throughout their academic journey.


    Many of our students benefit from training at a young age. They go on to enroll in the GEP, consistently place highly in exams and competitions and enroll in top secondary schools later on through the PSLE and DSA exercises.

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    How do I register for classes?

    Whatsapp or SMS 96789315 now for a trial lesson!
    $40 for 1 hour, $80 for 2 hours (full lesson)

    Please Whatsapp or SMS us at 96789315 to reserve your place for quick response.

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    How are lessons conducted?

    We have Level Based and Small Group Style classes

    Level based class is where students of the same age and level will learn together. It will be a group progress with a maximum class size of 6 to 8. If your child likes to learn with their peers, this learning environment would be more enjoyable and conducive.


    In a small group class, students are taught individually of up to 4 students of different ages and levels. Each student may be doing different worksheet. We will be able to cater to their individual needs for them to learn and improve at their own pace, maximising their learning potential.

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    How are fees paid?

    Collected once a term

    If a student joins in the middle of a term, fees will be pro-rated. We regret that we are unable to offer refunds for missed lessons, and will do our best to offer make-up lessons.

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    What happens if a teacher is ill?

    If a teacher is ill, we will either have a substitute teacher for that lesson or cancel the class and carry over the lesson credits to the next term. We will try to give our parents as much notice as possible. If a teacher falls ill very close to the lesson time, we are only able to give short notice and ask for your understanding.

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    Are there any other costs in addition to lesson fees?

    We try to keep our fees affordable and have not increased our rates since 2017. Additionally, we do not charge any admin or signup fees.


    Printing and Materials Fees


    We have been subsidizing the cost of printing and paper since we started. However, it is becoming quite substantial as our student numbers have grown significantly. Hence, we will be charging a small $2/lesson printing fee starting 1 Jan.